The beauty of natural light is like nothing else. It can transform a space in amazing ways.

If you find yourself craving more sunlight in your home or office, look no further than a beautiful skylight. In this blog, we'll explore the various ways you can increase natural light in a room, focusing on the unique benefits that skylights bring to the table.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Skylight Design

The first step in maximising natural light is selecting the right skylight for your specific space. Consider the size, shape and placement of the skylight. Fixed skylights are ideal for bringing in constant light, while vented skylights offer the added benefit of ventilation.

Step 2: Putting The Skylight in The Right Place

The placement of skylights plays an essential role in ensuring you get the amount of light you are looking for. Skylights positioned on the south side of a roof receive more sunlight throughout the day, while those on the north side provide consistent, indirect light.

Step 3: Think Tubular

Traditional skylights might not work in every space. If you are trying to bring natural light into a tricky space, you might want to consider tubular skylights. Tubular skylights use reflective tubes to capture light, bringing it into space.

Step 4: Keep Skylights Clean

Keeping your skylights clean is an effective way of keeping your home bright. You should keep on top of regular cleaning, paying attention to both the outside and inside of the windows, to make the most of the light outside your home.

Step 5: Use Light-Reflective Surfaces

Make the most of natural light by bringing reflective surfaces into your space. Adding more mirrors, and making use of light-coloured walls and furnishings will all contribute to a brighter indoor space, creating an airier space.

Step 6: Get Rid Of Excess Greenery

Overhanging trees and other greenery can limit the amount of light that can enter your home. The simple step of trimming these back can bring so much more brightness and breeziness into your home.

Ready To Light Up Your Home?

Increasing natural light in your home is not only about aesthetics but also about creating a more inviting space.

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