How much do skylight installers charge for putting rooflights/windows on your roof in the UK?

This post will go into the fees associated with assembling a skylight in the UK. Some people are reluctant to invest in such a project at first because they aren’t confident it will pay off over time. That’s why researching the topic can help calculate the potential costs of all the work that needs to be done, helping you make a decision.

So, if you are wondering how much to put a skylight in roof, check out our cost guide on Velux window prices, window or skylight replacement cost.

Key Takeaways for Cost of Installing a Skylight on a Flat Roof

  • The cost of assembling a skylight doesn’t include the cost of the unit itself
  • The cost to add a skylight will depend on different factors, such as how experienced the contractor is and any additional work that needs to be done
  • Daily rates usually start from £150 upwards and larger pieces cost more to install but you need to ensure that the unit is properly installed, so every penny is worth it
  • There also are fees for removing the older skylights
  • The best way to reduce the cost of skylight installation is to compare quotes and shop around

How Much Does It Cost to Put in a Skylight in the UK? Skylight Installer Rates

The average cost of skylight assembly runs from £800 to £1,100 including insulation, collar, flashing kit, and roof alterations. Keep in mind that every contractor has their own fees determined by their years of experience and other factors that may not be immediately obvious to you. The best thing to do is shop for the best prices.

If the skylight installation project is managed by a tradesperson and an assistant labourer, the daily fees are as follows:

  1. £25 per hour for the expert, and
  2. £15 per hour for the assistant,
  3. or a total of £40 per hour* for a new window installed.

*The above numbers are ballpark figures and the overall cost to install a window varies from one contractor to the next.

What are the Additional Costs of a Skylight Installation?

Type of skylights. Of course, the type of window is essential. Fixed skylights are budget-friendly, while more complex and quality units can be exorbitant. E.g. a centre pivot skylight enables the window to be tilted; retractable skylights can be opened remotely. There are both manual and electrical types. Another great option is a top-hung Velux. That window opens fully. Before installing one, you should consider the space and needs you have.

Materials used. Quality skylights use quality materials, making the job more expensive.

Size. The size of the unit also adds to the final bill. You will pay more for a large window than if you were to install a new piece of a smaller size.

The shape of the skylights. Different shapes have different costs, circular being the least expensive and triangular shapes costing the most. Plus, shapes that are more difficult to install may raise the contractor’s costs.

Permits. Depending on the complexity of the job and the area you live, you may need to obtain some permits from the local authorities before you can install a Velux window or roof lights.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof Skylight or Roof Window?

Contractors’ daily rates usually start from £150 upwards. Thus, the simplest replacement will run some £500- £800. The more complex the job is, the more you can expect to pay. Aside from the scope of the work, the type of glass (and glazing) is also a factor in determining the window installation cost.

Skylight Replacement Cost - How Much Does a Skylight Cost Excluding Labour Costs?

The price of the window per piece will vary depending on the size of the rooflight and the complexity of the build.

You will pay at least £700 for a quality skylight and the price can go up with different sellers, respectively.

Walk-on units cost around £1000 upwards per piece.

A skylight that opens electronically starts from £1200 upwards.

How Much It Costs to Remove a Skylight

The average cost to remove a skylight, labour and materials included, is £100-£200 per unit. It can go up and down with different contractors and labourers. Repairing a leaking skylight runs around £300-£850 per unit and the price depends on many factors.

How Long Does It Take to Fit a Skylight Window?

Skylight installation can take a half-day to three days depending on the complexity of the job and the size of the rooflights. Any additional building work will extend the timeframe. For example, if a light shaft is needed for flat ceilings, this will take more time for the contractor to do their job. A small Velux skylight takes hours to install into the existing roof.

What Are the Benefits of Velux Windows and Different Types of Skylights?

  • Add value to your home
  • Improve light
  • Easy to install
  • Enhance ventilation
  • Help you be more energy efficient and save you money

What’s Involved in Installing Velux Windows or Other Skylight Types?

This is a building project that involves a number of steps to be implemented. For example, roof shingles are to be removed, holes are cut into the roof; framing is modified for the skylight and flashing is installed. The skylight is then assembled followed up by roof patching.

Taking measurements and cutting

Depending on the space you have, consider the size of the window you need. Once purchased, knowing the exact measurements of your window space, you or the person in charge of the assembly needs to mark that space on the roof.

Some experts consider first looking at the way the roof joists are laid to fit the skylight. This is to align the skylight with the ridges, especially if the ridges are not visible from the inside.

Whether you do it or not, you'll need to make precise measurements and cut that hole in the ceiling. As you go, there will be different layers. Don’t worry about it and keep cutting until you see the sky above your head.

Prepping the frame

Next, a wooden frame needs to be created to protect the internal structure of the building in the part that accommodates the window. In addition, it is important to reinforce the structure if it's weak. So if necessary, you can add another beam.

The skylight is going to rest on top of the frame you made. That frame should be glued to the ceiling with sealant and screwed firmly to the top of the ceiling.

When it comes to flat windows, the structure includes a frame where the glass is later placed. First, you will have to square off the window frame in the frame that you made in the ceiling. When everything is in its place, finish off with screws and nails.

Adding sealant

If you are using domed skylights, this last step is quite simple. Just place a good dose of sealant on the frame that you already nailed to the ceiling and glue the dome. Most of the screens have metal tabs on the frame to give it more grip.

As the window frame is installed, attaching the glass is a simple thing. You need just enough to nail and adjust the gears (depending on the model).

All things considered, you do have to read the instructions that the skylight came with if you don’t know what to do. Ideally, you will hire an expert who will implement every part of the job the right way without getting the steps mixed.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Install a Skylight or Roof Lantern?

Before you install a skylight in your home, it is vital to check whether you need a permit. Generally speaking, if the skylight or window is assembled on a roof slope that faces the highway, then planning permission may be required. The same applies to carrying out a loft conversion or a Velux balcony with fixed frames and pivoted frames.

Even if this isn’t the case, a permit might still be necessary depending on where you live and the size of the skylights you want to have.

Additionally, some local authorities also have their own regulations regarding Velux windows and skylights that should be followed. If in doubt, it is always advisable to check with your local authority before embarking on this project.

Can I Install a Skylight in a Conservation Area and How Will It Affect the Cost for Installing Skylight / Rooflight?

If you reside in a conservation area, you will most probably need planning permission for any changes you intend to make to your home, including the installation of skylights.

If the local authorities have released an Article 4 Direction on the building you live in, this means the majority of your permitted development rights have been removed and there is little building work you can carry out on the premises without obtaining a permit from the Council beforehand.

Questions & Answers about Window Installation, Skylight Installation Cost, and Building Regulations

Is it worth installing a roof skylight?

Yes. A skylight has a plethora of advantages. You and your family will benefit from it a lot. Read our post on the full list of benefits of skylights for your property.

Can I install my own Velux windows & skylights?

You can install your own skylights. The job doesn’t require a lot of skill but you need plenty of knowledge on how to prepare the roof and the installation process itself. You may actually be able to complete the work from inside your home.

Why are roof lanterns so desirable?

They improve the aesthetics of your home and make the area more attractive. Additionally, they also bring more natural light in, creating the feeling that the space is larger than it seems.

Will a skylight add value to my home?

Yes. Skylights do add value to a property. Not only does it change the way your room appears to potential buyers but it increases energy efficiency.

Are skylights prone to leaking?

Yes. If proper maintenance is not completed every year, the flashing and seals can become compromised over time, making it possible for water to find its way into your home. That’s why all skylight components should be checked regularly to ensure they are in tip-top condition. And if they aren’t, they should be replaced. Debris from downspouts and gutters should also be cleared in due time so as not to speed up the process.

Are sun tunnels or solar tubes better than skylights?

Solar tubes have the upper hand over skylightsр since they bring in more light indoors: 99% (as compared to 36% for skylights). The main difference is in the shape.

What size of skylight do I need?

The size of your skylight will depend on different factors and if you are not sure how to go about it, you should consult a specialist. The general rule of thumb is, the rooflight should be 3-5% of the entire floor area in that room.

Who can install the skylight?

There are various skylight specialists who can install skylights, such as labourers, roofers, and window installers. Some jobs require two installers, depending on the different roof window types.

Do skylights make the room hotter?

Yes. Since skylights bring more natural light into the room, this also carries heat. That being said, the amount of heat you get will depend upon the type of roof window you have and additional factors.

Should I get a roof window, a rooflight or a skylight?

Roof windows are designed for assembling at a pitch of 15 degrees (which is the absolute minimum). In most cases, they are smaller than rooflights and have standardised sizes and shapes. 

A rooflight and a skylight are basically the same thing. They are often made to order which means the sizes differ to a great extent. A skylight is a great way to bring tons of daylight into the space but so is a roof window.

The key thing to remember here is that if you have a flat roof, you are going to need to install a rooflight; and if you are dealing with a pitched roof, then you need a roof window installation or pitched roof skylights.