Loft roof windows, also known as skylights, are a great addition to your home. They provide more natural daylight in rooms that really need it and change the visual aesthetics of the place for the better.

The following guide aims to provide you with all of the information you need on loft windows, their features and benefits. Whether you are shopping around for a range of flat roof windows or skylights or just want to educate yourself more so that you can make the right purchasing choices when the time comes, read on. 

Why should you consider roof windows? 

We all know just how bad of reputation lofts have. To many people, these are rooms that see very little use outside of being stacked with old furniture items and things that nobody uses around the house. But in reality, having a loft and converting it into a room is one of the best things you can do to your home. And once you are doing the loft conversion, you need to think about pitched roof windows

A hobby room, a spare bedroom or anything else you decide to turn the loft into can benefit greatly from roof windows. There is nothing better than getting more natural light in a room that is otherwise just a dark loft space. And that is not just because the skylights do such a great job at providing more light, but also because it is natural daylight that is 100% free. 

Roof windows are different in that they come in a variety of styles and sizes. There are models that you can open to improve ventilation or deal with moisture issues that rooms below generate. You can also include blinds to keep the hot summer rays at bay when the temperature is high. Loft spaces can become hot too quickly in the warm months of the year, so nothing beats some upgraded roof windows that can solve the problem. There is nothing like bringing in the warm summer breezes or quickly releasing a build-up of moisture. 

If you are definitely on board with the idea of converting your loft, then it makes sense to employ professionals to deal with the roof windows. Getting the right expert advice with the proper installation is crucial for making the most out of such a useful feature in a new loft. 

Roof windows add value to your home 

Having more usable space at home is always great, which is why converting the loft into a room adds value. It can really make a difference to the asking price you can later put on the home. Throwing roof windows into the mix is a sure way to improve value even more. You've got a winning formula there as a plan, so make sure you see it through and work with experts who will not botch the work. 

What type of roof windows can you get? 

When it comes to roof windows, there are many types you can get. It is important to assess the roof pitch and the overall composition of the room, in order to get the best windows for your situation and needs. There are also interesting features you can install to some of the roof window types. It is a good idea to consult with your installer, in order to make the most of your new rooflights. 

Let's learn more about the different types of roof windows you can rely on: 

Top-hung roof windows 

If you want to transform your dusty loft, top-hung windows are a great way to do it. They are great in what they do, which is to make any visitor in the room feel like they are outside. With plenty of headroom, they enable the best views. These types of windows are usually operated by a handle at the bottom side. They provide an unobstructed view of the skyline and are perfect for allowing maximum sunlight during the day. Ideally, they work best when you install them in a high position, a high knee wall for example. Top-hung windows generally come in two opening angle varieties: 

  • 45-degree openings - these open up to any position up to 45 degrees. They are perfect for a high pitch roof that would normally be very difficult to make use of. Oftentimes, because of the larger opening, they can be used as fire escape routes and have ladders installed outside. 
  • 30-degree openings - these open to a number of positions, usually 5, 15 and 30 degrees. If the roof pitch in your home is lower, they can work nicely. 

Centre-pivot roof windows 

The beauty of this type of roof window is in that it is very easy to operate. It features an innovative top control bar, which enables the option to install the window lower than top-hung windows. That way you can enjoy a pleasant view while standing or being seated. If you wish to place your window in such a low position, or you are forced due to the design of the room, centre-pivot windows are definitely a great option. They are a great way to make a room with a low ceiling feel more spacious. 

Electric or solar-powered roof windows

These come in both varieties: centre-pivot and top-hung. The major difference is that there is a motor or another mechanism featured with them that enables opening the window when you wish. You control that with a pad with a touch screen or another form of remote control with an intuitive design. They require a power source, which can either be electric, or they can be solar-powered with the cells integrated into their structure. It is good to consider the extra electrical work that needs to be done around those windows. 

Can you install a roof window yourself? 

This is a job that requires cutting through the roof and then adding extra weight to it. By no objective standard is this considered a simple DIY task. Yes, it is mostly permitted development, though in some cases you should still contact your local authority to ensure it is all well-planned. However, it requires knowledge and tools that you may not have, which means it is best to rely on professionals for the task. Not only can they install the roof windows following all safety standards, but also ensure that there are no issues such as faulty flashing, etc. 

You can always contact us at HiSky as we have the experience and the tools to upgrade your loft with superb skylights and roof windows. We will advise you on the best course of action, depending on the room specifics and the end goal you have in mind. We work with the top brands for skylights, pitched roof skylights and even customised solutions that you can now take advantage of.