If you are thinking about installing a flat roof skylight for your home in London, there are a few things you might want to consider before hi-sky.co.uk you jump in.

There are a huge number of skylight options available on the market, so it pays to do some research, that way you can be sure you are making the best decision for your home.

Are You Replacing An Existing Skylight? Or Adding A New One?

You might be replacing a skylight that’s near its end of life, or you could be adding a new one to a recently renovated or extended area of your property. 

If you are replacing an existing one, it should just be a like-for-like situation. But, if you are installing a new one, there will be some differences in terms of building control. Make sure you check planning permissions/permitted development/building regulations before you install a flat roof skylight for your home in London. 

Where Should Your Flat Roof Skylight Be Installed?

Before you install your skylight in the place you think it will ‘look’ the best, you need to think about light too.

Where would you like the light to come in and at what time of day? Deciding whether you want more light in the morning or evening can help you figure out where to put your flat roof skylight.

What Size Should You Choose?

Naturally, the bigger the skylight the more light you will let in. But, that doesn’t mean you should just pick the biggest possible option.

It can be nice to tailor the skylight to features in your room. You might want it to be directly above the dining table, flooding your room with light at lunchtime, or you might want a smaller skylight above a shower cubicle so you can admire the stars whilst you freshen up. 

A good skylight company can help you decide exactly what size of flat roof skylight to install in your home in London.

Still Got Questions?

If you are still wondering whether a flat roof skylight is the right option for your home, we can help advise. Our team manufacture a range of high-quality skylights, working with distributors across the UK. We can supply the perfect flat roof skylight for your home in London.