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Our Skylights for pitched roofs

This high-performance, non-opening frameless skylight is triple glazed with 6mm toughened, self-cleaning glass and a U Value.

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If you are all about getting more natural light in your home, then getting some contemporary skylights is the way to go. And if your home has pitched roof, you don't have to worry - there are now plenty of rooflights designed explicitly for pitched roofs. There are many nicknames such windows go by - roof lights, loft skylights, roof windows, pitched rooflights, etc. Whatever the size of triple glaze fixed rooflight you require, you will find the best offers here.

HiSky ltd is a leading supplier of an impressive range of pitched rooflights. Compared to traditional rooflights, our triple-glazed windows are suitable for any home. With a sleek design, born out of superior engineering, our pitched roof windows allow more daylight into your room.

What do you need to know about pitched roofs?

A pitched roof is one that goes at a downward angle. It is usually two parts at an angle starting from a central ridge, but sometimes it is one part from one edge to another. This type of roof is necessary for areas with heavy snow and rain, as it allows the water to drain fast. The steepness of the roof is expressed in the angle of deviation from the horizontal.

There are many different types of pitched roofs

  • mono pitch roof - single slope from one side of the building to the other, usually used for extensions
  • couple roof - the simplest and most common form of a pitched roof, it has two lengths of rafters that just lean on each other
  • collar roof - allows for the construction of rooms in the roof space, with the height of the external walls being reduced
  • purlin roof - this is a roof with a greater span without sacrificing stability

Regardless of what type of roof you have in your home, you will be more than pleased to find out about the great variety of pitched roof windows to suit your needs.

Installing skylights on a pitched roof

It is possible to get skylights on all roof pitches as the modern design takes into account the specifics of such constructions. They are available in a rich choice of colours, with double and triple glazing, centre pivot and flashing options, manual or remote operation and many more extras. Our company provides skylights specifically designed for pitched roofs at the best prices all around. It is always best to rely on the skills of expert fitters for precision installation.

Benefits of pitched roof windows

Installation of skylights comes with plenty of benefits, some of which you may not have considered before:

  • More natural light - first and foremost, skylights let in more natural light and fix uneven light patterns that standard windows sometimes present. What skylights do is introduce light in a specific area of the room, which means they can double up where standard windows fail. Skylights contribute to more natural light when compared to traditional windows.
  • Better ventilation - these windows are great for expelling hot air in the summer months. It is clear how they can be helpful in the kitchen, or the bathroom, where condensation levels are high. They improve ventilation much better than standard windows.
  • Energy saving - when more natural light gets in, there is less need to rely on electricity for lighting purposes. Moreover, skylights can also reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Skylights come in various shapes and sizes - they can be fitted exactly to the specifications of your home and your preference.
  • Boost resale value - roof skylights from a quality manufacturer boost the resale value of a home and are a great investment to consider.
  • Heating in the winter - skylights that are exposed to sunlight in the winter essentially become a heating source. They are also better at thermal conservation than standard windows.
  • Health benefits - more natural light and a brighter space lead to better physical health. When vented models or other opening options are exercised, they also lead to better indoor air circulation, which prevents the build-up of mould and mildew spores. It helps the health of everyone in the home.

What we offer

At HiSky LTD we know how important it is for our clients to enjoy good landscape or portrait orientations of their view on pitched roofs. That is why we have perfected our skylights to be that tying part of the interior, which is functional and fits ideally with the rest of the theme. We offer an impressive range of skylights in various sizes with superb light transmission qualities. We like to bring an element of superb design and usability into our work, whether it be for a private home or commercial solutions.

We are a proven and successful supplier of quality skylights. We take great pride in our friendly house team of expert fitters, who will go out of their way to make sure the client has peace of mind. Our products are fitted with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure the client has a product that lasts. We have a dedicated in house team that can provide valuable guidance and information on every aspect of our service.

Double and triple glazing on roof lights

Whether you are considering frameless skylights or some other type, you will be left with the option to go with double or triple glazing. There is more to it than the fact double glazing means the glass has two panels and triple glazing uses three panels. For windows with three, there are three glass panes. The space between is filled with inert gas, such as krypton, argon or xenon. This means improved energy efficiency and better noise protection.

As a heat insulator, triple-glazed windows perform better than their double-glazed counterparts. However, it is important to point out that insulation of the walls, roof and other windows is also important in providing the home with proper insulation.